20. févr., 2018

2014 - The Hague Academy of International Law - The Hague

International Public Law (July 2014)

  • The Limits of the Law, Vaughan LOWE, Oxford University
  • Ranking of the International Legal Order, Djamchid MOMTAZ, University of Teheran
  • Limits of the Use of Force, Christine GRAY, University of Cambridge
  • Rebellion and International Law, Olivier CORTEN, Université libre de Bruxelles
  • International Development Law and Human Rights, Emmanuelle TOURNE-JOUANNET, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Legal Dimensions of Arms Control Agreements, Bakhtyar TOZ MUKHAMEDOV, Russian Association of International Law
  • The Renaissance of Inter-State Arbitration, Brooks W. DALY, Permanent Court of Arbitration
  • The Relationship between the United Nations and the Word Bank, Maurizio RAGAZZI, World Bank

International Private Law (August 2014)

  • Is the Method of Recognition the Future of Private International Law? Paul LAGARDE, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Arbitration and Private International Law, George A. BERMANN, Columbia University
  • Renvoi in Private International Law – The Technique of Dialogue between Legal Cultures, Walid KASSIR, Université Saint-Joseph, Beirut
  • Legal Certainty in International Civil Cases, Thalia KRUGER, University of Antwerp
  • Circulation of Cultural Property, Manlio FRIFO, University of Milan
  • Maintenance in Private International Law, Recent Developments, Christoph BENICKE, University of Giessen
  • The International Adoption of Minors and Rights of the Child, Maria Susana NAJURIETA, University of Buenos Aires
  • Limitation an Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration, Giuditta CORDERO-MOSS, University of Oslo
  • International Air Passenger Transport, Olivier CACHARD, University of Lorraine